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½ ¢ - Half Cent
1 Cent


Emisja Metal Stempel Średnica Waga Nakład L I II III IV
1793 b.z. Cu zw. ↑↓ ø 22 mm 6.74 g 35 334 - - - - -
↓ Awers ↓
Awers ½ ¢ - Half Cent 1 Cent 1793
Rewers ½ ¢ - Half Cent 1 Cent 1793
↑ Rewers ↑
Emitent US National Bank
Typ monety Obiegowa
Kształt Okrągły
Nominał i waluta 1 Cent
0.01 USD
Projekt Henry Voigt? / Henry Voigt?
Szczegóły emisji
Rok emisji 1793
Rok na monecie 1793
Data emisji 1793-??-??
Cena emisyjna -
Mennica Philadelphia
Znak mennicy b.z.
Nakład 35 334
Cechy fizyczne
Stempel Stempel zwykły (zw.)
Stempel odwrócony (180°)
Metal Miedź (Cu)
Średnica ø 22 mm
Waga 6.74 g
Brzeg (rant) Gładki z napisem ↑↑
Obrzeże Podwyższone
Dodatkowe dekoracje -
Katalogi monet
NGC Link 11000
NGC 2222
Krause KM# 10
Wycena monety - monetowo.pl
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Przykładowy wykres - Fryderyk Chopin, 50 Złotych, 1972
The first United States half cents were 35,334 pieces minted between July 20 and September 18, 1793. The dies are believed to have been prepared by Henry Voigt, but this remains uncertain. Half cents of this date are smaller in diameter than subsequent issues and bear a unique design adapted from the beautiful Libertas Americana medal coined in France. Liberty's bust faces left in this year alone, and the Phrygian Cap of the freedman is borne on her right shoulder. The wreath is extremely elaborate, with extensive detailing that required individual hand-punchings in the die preparation process. This type's beaded border is also unique to the 1793 coinage. In addition to the value expressed two ways on the reverse, the edge of each coin reads TWO HUNDRED FOR A DOLLAR in incused letters.Two obverse dies were paired with three reverse dies for a total of four marriages. Few collectors seek these coins by varieties, as they are rare enough by type to present a significant collecting challenge. This is especially true of coins having smooth planchets and no damage.
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